My Mom’s Crema Pasticcera

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Growing up my mom would make this cream for us as a treat. We always called it “Mommy’s cream.” It took a long time to get her to give me the proper measurements! She has always done it by eye (a occhio) and the first time I attempted it it came out watery. That’s when we coined the phrase “Michelle tablespoons.” Because when she would tell me it was a tablespoon it was actually almost a quarter cup! My mom uses this cream in any recipe that requires a pastry cream. This recipe is so versatile you can flavor it with whatever you like or whatever works for the recipe you’re making. This can be eaten warm or cold but I always enjoyed it warm.

2 Egg Yolks
65g Granulated Sugar
45g AP Flour
500ml Warm Milk
3 Lemon Peels

Into a bowl add egg yolks and sugar. Using a handmixer, mix until light in color. Slowly incorporate the flour making sure each addition is fully incorporated before adding more.
Add a small amount of milk and mix well to prevent lumps. Then slowly add the rest of the milk until fully incorporated.
Add the mixture to a sauce pan and cook on medium heat until thickened. Once thick add lemon peels or you can add whatever flavoring you enjoy, eg vanilla extract, almond extract, etc.

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