Homemade Crema di Limoncello

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Making homemade Limoncello is a labor of love and it’s actually easier than you think. The biggest commitment is the wait for the lemons to soak. Limoncello is considered a ‘digestivo’ which is a drink that aids in digestion. Traditionally, you would drink this after a nice meal. It needs to be ice cold and sipped slowly.

Obviously, the Limoncello we make in the US cannot compare to the lemons from the Amalfi Coast but it is still so delicous homemade! It is important to use organic lemons in season and grain alcohol, not vodka.

Homemade Crema di Limoncello

This digestivo is so delicious and easy to make!
Course Drinks
Cuisine Italian
Servings 2 liters


  • 1 liter glass swing top bottle
  • glass container
  • funnel
  • fine mesh strainer


  • 1 liter Grain Alcohol
  • 7 – 8 Organic Lemons
  • 500 ml Organic Whole Milk
  • 500 ml Organic Heavy Cream
  • 800-850 g Granulated Sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)
  • 1/3 cup White Vinegar
  • 1 tbsp Baking Soda


  • Soak the Lemons in a bowl of water with a 1/3 cup White Vinegar and 1 tbsp baking soda for 10 mins. Rinse well.
  • Peel the lemons, removing just the peel not getting any pith (the white part). Place the peels in a non-reactive glass container, pour the liter of grain alcohol over the peels and seal well. Make sure the container is sealed well or the alcohol will evaporate. Place in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks. Shake every few days. **KEEP THE BOTTLE OF THE GRAIN ALCOHOL FOR THE FINISHED PRODUCT**
  • After two weeks, the lemons have released their oils. Into a sauce pan, add milk, heavy cream and sugar and bring to a light simmer just long enough to melt the sugar. Turn the heat off and let it cool completely.
  • Using a fine mesh strainer, strain the lemon peels into a large bowl. Discard the peels. Add the cooled milk and cream mixture to the bowl and mix with alcohol.
  • Place a funnel into the swing top glass bottle. Slowly pour a liter into the bottle. Use the original grain alcohol bottle to pour the second liter in using a funnel.
  • Store in the freezer. This will last 6 months to a year. Its normal for the alcohol to separate from the cream, so shake well before serving.
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