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Making amazing pizza is possible at home! You just need the right tools and a little practice ❤️

  • Use a Pizza Stone or Steel
  • Bake your pizza at 500F
  • Preheat the Stone or Steel at 500F for at least an hour before making pizza
  • Place the stone or steel on the lowest rack of your oven
  • For a Brick oven style finish, turn the broiler on during the last few minutes of cooking and place the pizza closer to the flame.
  • Sliding a pizza off a peel can be a challenge, it takes practice!
    • When stretching your pizza dough out, make sure you’re using enough flour so that the dough is not moist underneath or it will stick to the peel.
    • Make sure you sprinkle cornmeal or semolina flour on the peel.
    • After you placed the pizza dough on the peel, make sure it slides around before placing any toppings on it.
    • The peel needs to be completely dry. If there’s any moisture, the pizza will stick, and when you launch it onto the stone, all the toppings will go all over the oven. What a mess!
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